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I am a mixed media and digital artist.
I experiment in all forms of conventional and digital art, always looking for new styles and techniques to expand my portfolio.

Find me here:

JAY Store - OpenSea

Souls Series

NY Souls
Blessed Souls
Office Soul
Inner City Souls
Fast Food Souls
Underground Souls
Gambling Souls
Consumer Souls
Forgotten Souls
The Tall French Tower
The Red London Box

Solo Souls

Angel Soul
Royal Soul
Passing Soul
Praise Be

Life's a Square

Life's a Square #1
Life's a Square #2
Life's a Square #3

Framed Nature

The Lurcher
The Robin
The Jay
The Raven
The Kingfisher
The Kestrel

Fresh Collection

Fresh Chicken
Fresh Duck
Fresh Skull
Fresh Cockatiel
Fresh Cats
Fresh Fox


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